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Our Terms

Once you have signed up to SSN Shipping consultancy services, you have agreed to our terms and conditions. All customers are allowed to ship packages without restrictions. However, you must ensure that the contents ofyour packages are not on the Jamaica Customs Agency prohibited list. We will provide a list of some of these prohibited items.


All customers should ensure that the necessary documentation is provided for clearance of packages that require special permits or declarations. I.E. Pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, charitable items, passenger declarations etc.


Your shipping address is a follows


John Doe
3706 NW 16th Street
SSN#### KN


Please ensure that you follow the aforementionedformat. If you have any issues, with filling out your delivery address on any merchant website, please feel free to contact us.


We encourage all customers to inspect their packages upon collection or delivery. We have a duty to you our customers to ensure that your packages are received and delivered to you in good order. We are only responsible for packages that are delivered and updated by ourpersonnel at our Florida warehouse.A claim cannot be made outside these grounds. Please ensure that your packages are delivered within the hours that our Florida warehouse is open. High value items must be insured and invoices for these items must be submitted prior to entering our Jamaican ports.


We encourage customers to pick up or request deliveries as soon as they receive their ready for pick up notification. Storage will be charged 10 days after your ready for pick up email. Packages that are not collected after thirty (30) days will be sold to recover fees spent to transport and process packages. We will make every effort to contact each customer once the thirty (30) day period is approaching.


By signing up for SSN Shipping Consultancy Services you are giving us authorization to act as clearance agents on your behalf to conduct transaction with the Jamaica Customs Agency.